Welcome Giannis Katsaros!

We are happy to introduce our latest team member Giannis Katsaros.Giannis, MSc in Materials Engineering and Biomechanics and PhD in Applied Materials Science, has experience in research and development of medical devices for the spine. During his time at Uppsala University, he also contributed to the development and testing of antipathogenic materials and products. Warm […]

Welcome Linglu Hong!

We are happy to introduce our latest team member Linglu Hong.Linglu, MSc in Bio and Nano Materials, has experience in working with research projects related to biological characterization with bone cement. Currently, she is a PhD student at Uppsala University specializing in Biomedical Engineering and will also be working as a Researcher at Inossia focusing on […]

Important milestone – First North American patient treated

July 31, 2023 Dr. Olivier Clerk-Lamalice and his team at Beam Radiology in Calgary, which is part of our multicenter clinical trial, have now treated their first patient. With this milestone, we now also have treated patients, in North America, not only in Europe. The purpose of the clinical trial is to show a statistically […]

Inossia receives higher company valuation and oversubscribes investment round

June 21, 2023 Press release: Inossia, a leading medical technology company in active aging and treatment of back pain, announces today that it has successfully completed its latest investment round. The round was oversubscribed and resulted in a capital injection of over SEK 10.5 million.Earlier this spring, Inossia has been selected as one of the […]

Important approval from Health Canada

May 2, 2023. We are very happy for the approval from Health Canada to add a Canadian clinic, Beam Radiology in Calgary, to our multicenter clinical trial.This will enable us to include North American patients in the ongoing study, which is an important step toward the North American market. We say a warm welcome to […]

Welcome Akanksha Mishra!

We are happy to introduce our latest team member Akanksha Mishra.Akanksha has an extensive experience in quality and regulatory affairs from the medical device and pharmaceutical sector. Before joining Inossia, Akanksha was a regulatory affairs specialist at Brighter. Warm welcome Akanksha as a valuable member of our team!

Additional Spanish hospital joining our clinical trial

November 8, 2022. Inossia has a steady enrolment pace in our multicenter clinical trial. We are now very pleased to add an additional Spanish hospital. Looking forward to valuable contributions from Dr. David Noriega, who is an important key opinion leader, and the rest of the team at Hospital de Medina del Campo in Valladolid, […]

EIT Health -Softbone project- meets in Madrid

November 2-3, 2022 – Inossia was in Madrid and had a meeting with the participants from the EIT Health project SOFTBONE. This is our European multicenter randomized clinical trial. The aim is to show a reduced amount of new and unnecessary spinal fractures when using our soft bone cement V-Flex compared to conventional bone cement. Learn more […]

Inossia adds a new country Poland to our medical trial

October 25, 2022. Inossia adds a new country, Poland, to our medical clinical trial of soft cement V-Flex. Medical University of Lodz will be a valuable contribution to the growing trial that is ongoing in Germany and Spain. We are happy to welcome Dr. Maciej Radek, Dr. Jakub Janowski and the rest of the team […]