The Founders

The founding team behind Inossia

The Founders of Inossia

We are a team of two dedicated women with successful entrepreneurial and research backgrounds:
– Cecilia Persson, (to the left) professor in Materials Science/Biomaterials at Uppsala University.
– Malin Nilsson (to the right) CEO, took Cerament™ from idea to market at BoneSupport AB, Lund, Sweden.  

Today, osteoporotic fractures can be treated by injecting bone cement into the spine, providing pain relief and preventing the vertebrae from collapsing. Unfortunately, the bone cement used is too stiff for the brittle osteoporotic spine, giving rise to more fractures. This can be described as placing a stone into a pile of eggshells. Up to 40% of the patients come back with a new painful fractures. 

Based on research since 2013 and long-time feedback from physicians, Inossia® has invented a softener that can be used with any acrylic bone cements to modify their properties in order make them less stiff and more suitable for osteoporotic bone. The softened cement becomes like a sponge instead of a stone in order to reduces the number of new fractures, thereby avoiding unnecessary, painful fractures.


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Inossia® provides a softener to make bone cements better suited to the mechanical properties of osteoporotic bone.

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